Ten years ago Jenny went from her last $75 bucks as a struggling waitress to launching her own freelance copywriting business that she scaled to six-figures.

She didn’t have a fancy website (or any website) when she locked down her first $100K with just two clients, a hotmail account and every Friday off.

Fast forward to now and that’s exactly what Jenny helps new and experienced freelancers do. Make more money with fewer clients.


Thanks to her bestie-in-crime Alex, they scaled Jenny's original business to multiple six-figures while helping others earn their first six-figs and beyond.

Jenny also loves to eat. A lot.

After earning an unfulfilling bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Alex used mindset work to discover her primary passion (writing) and meet the bestie and business partner for LIFE (Jenny Beres).

Together, they used mindset to scale Jenny’s six-figure copywriting biz to multiple six-figures.

As the mindset guru half of our team – Alex will help you to get out of your own way and put fear on the backburner so you can reach your TRUE earning potential.

Together you’ll dig into and clear money blocks, find and own your value, set goals you can actually reach, and stop sabotage in its tracks so you can get RESULTS THAT STICK.

If you’re ready to change your business (and life) forever – Alex is here to help you do it.

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