All consultants, copywriters, VAs, OBMs, social media managers, creative writers, creatives,

and future CEO's...


——> Do you feel like making $10K (or more!) per month is impossible - or worse, for other people and NOT for you?


——> Do you fear you’ll be stuck forever working with cheapo clients who don’t have the money to pay you what you’re worth?


——> Do you believe your skills aren’t actually worth that much money, and even if they were, there’s nobody out there to pay your dream rates?


——> Do you believe the ONLY places to find freelance work are on content mills, job boards, and in Facebook groups?


——> Do you feel like you have to bust your butt just to make ends meet - and even then you’re falling short every month?


——> Do you believe that freelancing is unstable, a game of feast or famine, and you’ll never make enough money to build your dream life?

Welcome, friend, to the answer to your prayers!


There’s plenty of money to be made in freelance - you just need a little bit of skill
(note: we didn’t say experience!)
and a whole lot of the RIGHT strategies to get you there.


And if you got the skills (hint: you do!), we got the strategy.


Strategies that WORK, that have been tested over and over again by us and by our amazing clients.


Clients who have scaled their businesses to five-figure months and multiple six-figure years.


Clients who have landed six-month contracts and stable ongoing retainers.


No more feast or famine, no more sleepless nights, no more waiting and hoping and praying for scraps.


We’re talking consistent, high-end, stable clients you LOVE with real money to pay you.


Sound good?

Hi!  We’re Alex & Jenny!


One time freelancers, we're now full-time Co-Founders, CEO's and writers making big money, scaling our big company to nurture our even BIGGER dreams.


Ten years ago, I (Jenny - the brunette)


went from my last $75 bucks as a struggling waitress to launching my own freelance writing business that I scaled to six-figures. I didn’t have a fancy website (or any website) when I locked down my first $100K with just two clients, a Hotmail account and every Friday off.


Fast forward to now and that’s exactly what I help new and experienced freelancers do. Make more money with fewer clients. Thanks to my bestie-in-crime Alex, we’ve scaled our own business to multiple six-figures while helping others earn their first six-figs and beyond.


As for me (hi I’m Alex - the blonde):


During an unfulfilling bachelor’s degree program, I used mindset work to discover my primary passion (writing) and meet my bestie and biz partner for LIFE (Jennyyy). Together, we used mindset to scale Jenny’s six-figure freelance biz to multiple six-figures.


I’m the mindset guru half of our team – and I will help you to get out of your own way so you can figure out what the heck you want in life and take the necessary action to reach your TRUE earning (and happiness) potential.


Together and with our Team of Highly Trained and Specialized Ambassadors,
we’ll dig into and clear money blocks, find and own your value, set goals you can actually reach, and stop sabotage in its tracks so you can get RESULTS THAT STICK.


If you’re ready to change your business (and life) forever – we’re here and excited to help you do it.

Welcome to the Six & Up CEO Academy!


The Six & Up Ceo Academy is a monthly membership designed to give you on-demand access to the trainings you NEED so you can scale your business to high five- and six-figures and beyond.

How It Works:


Every month, we release a new training module on a new topic to the library.

You’ll have access to previously uploaded trainings, videos, and samples. Topics range from raising rates, to negotiating retainers, to standing out online, to pitching, to leveraging your network, to getting off content mills, a special training all about LinkedIn, Creative Writing... and so much more!

And get this...

You’ll also get coaching calls every month! A business strategy call with Jenny, where we talk about your pitches, selling, follow-ups, current services and any other business strategy related Q you have.


And a mindset coaching call, where you’ll work closely with Alex on what struggles are coming up, mindset blocks, and ANYTHING that’s getting in the way of you and your big six-figure freelancer PAYDAY.

What You Get:

  • 2 LIVE Monthly Q+A coaching calls - 1 business strategy coaching call with Jenny, 1 mindset coaching call with Alex for maximum support and growth in your business

  • NEW video trainings added all the time, actionable steps that take the guesswork out of scaling your business and landing clients you LOVE

  • Library of video trainings so you can learn as you go – and on your own schedule. The library is jam-packed with trainings that cover: cold pitching, LinkedIn, following up, prospecting, mindset, phone call mastery, leveraging your network, negotiating and SO much more! 

  • Sample materials (pitches, GCLs, contracts, statements of work) to complement the designated training

  • Private community filled with supportive freelancers just like you! There’s NEVER been a more supportive community anywhere online!

Years ago when Jenny started freelancing,

it was a clusterf*ck getting halfway decent information.

The companies I pitched wanted to know where my degree was, and why I couldn’t just work in-house.

And the few people who were freelancing successfully - were mum’s the word about how they did it.

Which, as you can imagine, pissed us the hell off. 

So we decided that when once we figured this whole six-figure thing out, we wouldn’t be stingy with what I knew - and this info and support would be accessible to ANYONE who wanted to be a successful freelancer, business owner, and CEO.

The Six & Up CEO Academy IS that promise. 

The truth is, it’s never been EASIER to be a six-figure freelancer or business owner.


Gone are they days of companies ONLY wanting in-house work, or not really understanding what a freelancer is. Nobody cares about a degree anymore, especially when you have a valuable service to sell. And in the new gig economy both company and freelancer are making bank - together. 

If you were EVER going to make money by building your own business - it's NOW.

Ready to join us in the Six & Up CEO Academy?


You can dive into all this juicy info immediately, and start connecting with clients you love.


We’ve helped so many freelancers reach their income dreams, doing what they love.


And we are so ready (and excited) to help you too! 

Psst! Wanna get your hands on the exact emails I used to stand out
over THOUSANDS of freelancers online to get the gig?

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