The ONLY Online Incubator Designed to Transform Your Dreams into a Money-Making EMPIRE

Cue the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys because if you’re in an “Empire” state of mind and have NO idea how to make your dreams real life - keep reading because we do 😉


Your direction determines your destiny. 


And your direction is determined by your focus. 


If your dreams aren’t happening, if life isn’t presenting you with opportunity, if you feel clouded, frustrated, scared, stuck or SMALL, if you feel like your income is just NOT growing, or like you just cannot create positive momentum in your life....

You MUST pivot into a new direction. 

Otherwise all of that BS above becomes your destiny.

And trust me, you have a different destiny that you ignore the f*ck out of because you’re scared-  MEANWHILE the bullshit of life has you by the balls. And that’s OK?

See, dreams aren’t just nice to have or fantasize about. 

They are the KEY out of playing small, out of struggle, out of apathy, out of fear-based living.

Dreams aren’t meant to be “nice.” They’re meant to scare the living hell out of you and shake you out of hive-mind. 

You see, what you’re called in your soul to do is your personal, divine wealth blueprint.

That’s exactly why you can go through the SAME motions as Joe-Blow who’s making 7 figures in his business and be lucky if you walk away with a $25 gift card to Applebee’s. 

(If the threat of having to eat at Applebee’s isn’t enough to motivate you to
follow your divine guidance, what is??)

Here’s what Alex and I know in every cell of our body:

The more you ignore your gut, silence this calling, cut off your joy, and put off doing THE thing that lights you the F up - the harder everything else in your life and business becomes. 

The things that were working STOP working. 

The things that seemed tolerable become UNBEARABLE.

And the things that you thought were worth it “for the money” start to feel like a life sentence.

After all, you know the saying, your comfort zone is your cage...

But it doesn’t have to be.


What if you could stop committing to the “comfort zone” you thought you SHOULD stick to, and start making money doing EXACTLY what sets your soul on fire?

Well, consider this your

permission slip into claiming the  life of your dreams.

Now is the time to pivot into taking your dreams off the “someday” list and letting those babies come to life in a way you can’t even begin to imagine.

Your dreams are sick of waiting in line and want to be turned into absolute freaking gold, and we want to make it happen.


EMPIRE: The Mastermind is a high-intensity, deep-dive mastermind group specifically designed to blow up your life and turn it into a money-making empire.

Say goodbye to living small, because we’re aiming for Lebron-level heights.

We get you to tap into what your soul has been DYING to do while you’ve been too busy making other people’s brands the money of their dreams. 


Here’s what you get:

Access to consistent business and mindset coaching to keep you on top of your game. (We don’t commit to slackers.)

Weekly calls with both Jenny & Alex to tackle all things business and mindset.

*Access to the ONLY elite discussion group out there designed to help each member build the life they REALLY want...not just the one they think they should commit to.

Deep analysis and one-on-one attention to YOUR dreams in a way you’ve never experienced before.

But don’t get us wrong.

This group isn’t for just anyone. 


We only open our doors to the rule-breakers and dream-chasers who are DONE with numbing out and are determined to become the CEOs of their own lives. 


We know what you’re thinking... does it really work? 


Hell yes it does.


But you have to DECIDE it will.


Since its inception, EMPIRE: The Mastermind has transformed lives and taken our clients away from living lives of 2s and 3s to lives of solid 10s.

Our clients have taken the leap and left life-sucking, toxic, corporate jobs to start making $10k+ months doing what they LOVE.

Chemical engineers have transformed into DJs.

Actors have morphed out of the talent-pool and into the limelight.

Graphic designers have left their desks to become real estate moguls and talent managers.

Clients have picked up their entire lives and moved to different countries to be the people they were MEANT to be.

And that’s just a taste of what’s gone down.

So what do all of these people have in common? 


They made ONE decision that changed their entire lives.


They decided to stop waiting until the next project ends, the next New Years resolution comes around, or the next time their bank account felt “safe” enough to do something. 

They DECIDED they had enough of the f*cking daily grind and their dreams deserved to be front and center.

What we’re here to show you is that yours do to.

So, are you ready?

Are you ready to be relentless for your dreams? 

Are you ready to stop wasting your own f*cking time? 

Are you done watching people become the next NY Times Bestseller, A-list celebrity, or multi-millionaire when you KNOW your ideas are just as valuable?


Then it’s time to stop waiting and DECIDE to stop playing small and turn your life into an EMPIRE.

Spots in EMPIRE: The Mastermind are rare
(they only come around once every 6 months or so).


Because this is a life-changing container that elevates you out of the bullsh*t you’re currently tolerating and into the life you think is just a pipe dream — 

As an added bonus, as part of the mastermind you’ll get access to all of Alex and Jenny’s courses - as well as any new ones they release while you’re part of the Mastermind. 

When you’re sick of not having what you want, and ready to step out of excuses and into possibilities —all you have to do is apply. 

(Simply applying creates momentum around the change you want — #procoachingtip)

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