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How to Pick Up Freelance Cash Now 💰

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

👀Please read if your normal line of work has been disrupted and you’re not quite sure how to make money in the foreseeable future thanks to the #coronapocalypse 👇👇

My best friend Alex and I have been teaching creatives, artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs how to leverage their skills and creative talent into six and multiple six-figure businesses for years. We have an entire free Facebook group dedicated to making sure people get paid doing what they love.

And now more than ever, it’s so important that we get this information into the hands of people who need it NOW. And that we get it to you fast.

We took one of our quickest, most easily-executed fast cash freelancing strategies from our online Academy — and popped it straight into this blog post so as many people as possible could get their hands on this information fast and for free.

The only thing we ask, is that you pay it forward and share this with your friends, and to anyone who could benefit.

Comprendez? Let’s do this —

This strategy is simple, but CRAZY effective. It launched my first successful freelance business, led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring income, and our clients have had the same experience.

We know it’s scary, but right now there are companies who need your skills if they are going to navigate this crazy time. They are being forced to pivot fast - and they need help.

Your skills, your creative genius IS what’s going to keep our economy afloat during these uncertain times.

If you consistently apply the strategy below, we’re confident that you won’t just find a way to make ends meet now - but you just might end up with a successful business that sustains you permanently.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Here’s what you’ll need:

#1: An email account

A plain Jane Gmail account works just fine. In fact, it works best with this strategy. Don’t waste your time with a website, especially not right now. (And maybe not ever 🤷‍♀️)

#2: Internet access

(Which you must have if you’re reading this 👋)

#3: A professional skill

E.g. Writing, social media management, email marketing, graphic design, bookkeeping, administration, developing and other tech-related skills etc. (All things you can learn on the job with a little bit of raw talent and a Google search or two btw)


Pick up the low-hanging fruit first 🍎

Never thought I’d compare companies like Disney to an apple - but it’s strange times we’re living in, isn’t it?

Right now, there are two types of low-hanging fruit that I see everywhere online:

1. Companies (like Disney - no really, DISNEY) that are having to adjust to the fact that the way they do business has completely changed overnight - meaning they are now 100% remote, or their “old” way of selling isn’t going to work during a pandemic. These brands need help adjusting to either, and, or both.

2. Companies that are getting slaughtered by the “demand” from the pandemic. Think food delivery services, personal products etc. These companies need all hands on deck and a lot of extra help.

To snag these opportunities you have to know where they’re reaching out for help. Here are some resources where you can find posted gigs and jobs.

Please note that if you see something you like that’s been posted as an in-house opportunity from before the pandemic, reach out as a remote worker! They likely still need the position, or better yet an adapted version of it to help them get through this tough time.

Also, these sites that have a mix of remote, freelance and W2 listings - also have a search bar. Remember to put “remote” as your location and you’ll find the most recent posts.

You can find opportunities on: (all types of media related gigs) (don’t spend a ton of time on here, but I’ve found great stuff, that led to lucrative long-term work from companies you’d recognize (even during the years of the Craigslist killer) - the perk here is since you’re looking for remote, you can search ANY city’s listings.

Also! Don’t overlook Google. Google freelance or remote + type of gig you’re looking for and a wide, wonderful world of opportunity will unlock.


Respond to the listing in a way that catches their attention. Please. Demonstrate that you are ALIVE.

Meaning, this isn’t a resume. Don’t write a “dear sir or madam” or “to whom it may concern” email. Don’t attach your last ten years of work history. It’s not 1985 anymore, folks. If this week has taught us anything—it’s that innovation wins. And change is inevitable.

Also don’t get deterred by qualifications like degrees, etc. If you can do the job, you can do the job - and the way you respond to them will demonstrate this.

This is EXACTLY how I started my first six-figure earning freelance business and had great clients within a week, with no degree and no experience. My emails were chosen over thousands of other people - consistently, so I’m confident this will work for you too!

Here’s how to break down your reply when responding to gigs:

Break it down into 4 snappy, informative paragraphs.

1. Subject Line:

Catchy, clear that includes what they are looking for in the posted gig (unless otherwise specified). Don’t be afraid to use humor!

Ex: Creative, Corona-free Copywriter Ready To Slay 🔥

2. First Paragraph

Regurgitate specifically what they are looking for, but like, with a pulse!

E.g. “Are you still looking for a talented copywriter, who can spin a phrase, write copy that helps put people at ease and encourages them to buy during a pandemic? If, so you found her - and I’m ready to start immediately ;)”

3. Second Paragraph

Briefly, explain your skill sets in a way that doesn’t make the person reading want to pass out. Remember, they get lots of replies - so you DO want to be informative, but without sounding like a resume. If you DO have experience this is the time to mention it - if you don’t, focus on your raw skill sets instead. Raw talent is precious. Don’t discredit it.

E.g. “As a copywriter, with 2 years of marketing experience, I’m creative, flexible, and work amazingly well under pressure (uh, hello?) and have never missed a deadline. My work covers the gamut from blogs to website copy, emails and everything in between. I’m particularly skilled at adapting company messaging to what’s going on in the world and I collaborate like a boss. 💪”

4. Third Paragraph

Include something personal about who you are as a human to work with.

E.g. “For the record, I never take critiques (or anything) personally, have my mother to thank for my obsession with manners and great grammar - and am an overall fun, effective, and kick-butt copywriter to work with. And I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and help us all thrive during this crazy pandemic.”

5. Fourth Paragraph

Sign off. Not dramatically. Not waving your hankie in the wind, hoping they’ll call. Simple works best.

E.g. “Talk soon + Stay Healthy!

(Your name)”

Whew! You made it.

When I first started my freelance business many years ago (I quickly became a six-figure freelancer) this strategy got me on the map. I went from zero clients, to my first couple in a week, and landed gigs with clients that I loved and that I worked with for years. Making well over six-figures with a few of them.

I recommend that you try to send anywhere between 5-10 of these a day.

By doing this, you help businesses thrive, you thrive, and we keep the economy pumping during uncertain times.

You may even love this so much - you end up with a thriving business over the next few months and don’t end up going back to the office.

To find more resources on how to build a business you love and get massive support landing supacool gigs right now, check out The Six and Up CEO Academy.

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Love to you all - you’ve got this! And may your dream gig (and life!) be just an email or two away ~


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