How to write, sell and build equity
for your book on 

Hey Writers!

Get over yourself.

Right now, you’re telling yourself the ultimate sob story.

That you don’t have time to write your book.

That it’s pointless anyway.

You can’t get an agent.

Publishers aren’t interested.

It takes years to see your book in print and years to see any money— and besides you have bills to pay, kids to feed, fears to nurse ;)

So you never write.

And you aren’t writing because frankly, you’re passing the buck.

Other people haven’t decided that you can’t write books for a six-figure living.


And you’re hiding behind authority. Behind “how it’s done”. Behind industry standards.  

Passing off the responsibility. You think it’s everyone else’s responsibility to sell your work — but yours.

If you’re sitting on ideas, your passion for writing, and you’re NOT thinking about your book as a sellable product, one that you can start selling and building equity in RIGHT NOW—

There’s not a single agent that can help you.

Using traditional publishing as an excuse, is just that, an excuse not to turn your thinking caps on and start thinking about your book as a business. Sure, you can buy into the old “prestige” story, but if you’ve been paying attention?


The biggest book deals, the biggest advances - they’re going to the people who sell their work - publishing industry be damned.

And if you’re one of those people who’ve been crowing on and on about wanting to create a passive product.

Books are STILL the Almighty deity when it comes to passive income. One that you can generate for yourself.

Are you catching my drift?

You want to be a working, paid, six-figure author.

Then start acting like one.

It’s a business like anything else, and the myth that you’re buying into - that you have to wait on a publisher or an agent, is just an excuse not to sell (or prioritize) your work.

More and more people are selling their own work, and turning publishers DOWN.

How about them apples? ;)

Want to learn how to leverage one of the hottest platforms for new authors?


A platform that’s cranking out Hollywood deals (think Netflix) left and right for up and coming writers.

A platform that allows you to get PAID.

Build a massive readership (aka equity in your book)

And have the BIG publishers and studios come to you?

That’s EXACTLY what we’re doing over here.

A 3 hour live masterclass on how to write, sell, and build equity in your book on Wattpad.

We’ll go into detail about:

  • How Alex and Rebekah got over 180K reads on their contemporary novel Ellie is Cool Now in just a little over a half a year. (And growing!) Just as typical numbers, it usually takes 7 months to get 9K reads in traditional publishing.

  • How A+R  leveraged their results on Wattpad to get Hollywood’s attention - and not just about Ellie! There has been offers for future unrelated work from big studio producers (and the offers are coming to THEM)

  • What a Wattpad book deal looks like (and what that looked like for Ellie is Cool Now!)

  • Why building a fanbase is building “equity” in your book. This means your work is worth more every, single day.

  • How to start getting traction on a book - without having to finish it first!

  • Selling, publishing and movie rights? Pitching to sell - both on AND off Wattpad.

If your dream is to be a working, paid, and wealthy author — one who writes and sells their own books, attracts Hollywood deals and attention on your own, and you’re waiting for the approval of an agent, or publisher to make it happen— and it feels SO far away that you can’t even be bothered to write “for real”…..


You can make your book a business starting NOW, but its up to you to buck the rules.

We just show you the way ;)

Ready to make money and land Hollywood deals from your book (finished or not) now??

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